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What we do

The Myers Development Group, LLC is a service conglomerate that caters to the needs of a vast array of clients across a broad spectrum of industries.  Our core competences are rooted in

​We apply these competencies as asset managers for residential and commercial projects across Virginia and North Carolina and as peak performance consultants to individuals across the country.  Our team prides itself on being Efficient, Effective, and Economical while still developing complete solutions to our clients' complex challenges.

How we do it

As a firm we understand that your reputation is one of the most important but unquantifiable indicators of your value.  In order to build and preserve our name we took a step back and put ourselves in our clients' shoes.  As we thought about our businesses from this perspective we began to understand that our partners allow us to serve them because they believe we can help them achieve a desired outcome.  We quickly realized that they were not interested in paying us for the process that we take to arrive at that outcome.  This fundamentally changed the way we thought about our business and from this foundation we have built our service model to ensure that our interests align with our clients; focused on RESULTS… Not activities!


Corporate Resume

This book tells our story and gives a deep insight into our experience.

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